Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 6 Fashion Recap: Villanelle is Now a "Rich Insta Hottie"
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May 12, 2019 8:12 pm


Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica


With two episodes left to go, season 2 of Killing Eve is heating up. Episode 6 is the first to dive into Villanelle and Eve's new relationship as coworkers—one that Villanelle is dressed for from the start, in an array of blazers and dress shirts. It's arguably also the first one that sees Villanelle explicitly use fashion to her advantage; her literal power suit at the beginning of the episode is a sporty two-piece with arched shoulders, which she wears first to break into and wreak general havoc on Eve and Niko's apartment, childishly switching CDs into different cases, scattering pieces of paper and mail, and shoving someone's toothbrush into her mouth.


When it comes to really getting down to business, though, Villanelle has another look entirely—though not before pointing out how shabby Eve looks in the company of Villanelle and Carolyn. As Carolyn details Villanelle's new assignment—they've hired her to get close to the potentially murderous tech mastermind Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) by befriending his sister Amber (Shannon Tarbet)—Villanelle can't help but be distracted by Carolyn's chic sweater, which brings her to the only conclusion: "You're the real boss, aren't you?," she says, before admonishing Eve—"don't be disrespectful"—for speaking up.


Fiona Shaw looking concerned

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn and Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 菲奥娜·肖饰演卡洛琳 朱迪·科莫饰演薇拉内拉。 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??



Jodie Comer frowning

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 朱迪·科莫饰演薇拉内拉。



Soon, it's time for Villanelle to slip on a bubblegum pink wig and embody her alter ego, a New Yorker named Billie who, thanks to Hugo, has the Internet presence to be a believable "rich Insta hottie." By the time she's joined Amber at an AA meeting, Villanelle has Billie's story fully fleshed out: "I'm Billie, and I'm an addict. Cocaine and alcohol, mostly, but honestly, whatever I can get."


Jodie Comer with pink hair

Jodie Comer as Villanelle as Billie in her first AA meeting?in Killing Eve season 2, episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 朱迪·科莫饰演的薇拉内拉扮成比莉参加第一次戒酒互助会。

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica


Eve is horrified to realize that from there, Billie's life eerily resembles her own. "My husband just left—he couldn't take it. He can't handle me anymore ... I have nobody left. Well, almost nobody," Villanelle tells the group, with Eve listening in through an earpiece. Amber, on the other hand, is smitten; she approaches her after the meeting to sympathize. Villanelle takes in her ensemble up close, comprised mostly of cleavage and a cheetah print coat.


Villanelle soon leaves Amber behind for Eve, who she leaves with a menacing reminder: "Don't forget—the only thing that makes you interesting is me." Before long, it's day two, and Villanelle has shown up to the next meeting in an Amber-like ensemble of her own. Somehow, it seems, Villanelle knew that she was going to coordinate her coat with her high-heeled boots; while Amber stuck to cheetah print, "Billie" is wearing black leather pants, plus boots and an oversized fur coat that just so happen to match the red leather bag that Amber had worn the day before.


Jodie Comer and Shannon Tarbet sitting

Jodie Comer as Villanelle and Shannon Tarbet as Amber Peel in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 朱迪·科莫饰演薇拉内拉 香农·塔贝饰演安珀·皮尔 ? ?



It takes shedding a tear in the meeting, and quite literally throwing Amber's AA sponsor under the bus, but Villanelle manages to forge a bond with Amber. She gets an invitation to Amber's "family sups"—something she's nowhere near as thrilled about as Carolyn. "Why do rich people talk like children?," she complains to Konstantin after getting the text, which she's disappointed to discover was not a response to the one she'd just sent Eve: "Hi Kill Commander - wanna hang? Vx"


Perhaps inspired to be a bit more independently interesting, Eve is keeping busy on her own. After Niko fails to respond to any of the six texts she's sent him since he stormed out of their apartment, she takes things into her own hands by showing up on the doorstep of his place of respite: a house belonging to Gemma, the teacher who Eve caught him flirting with a few episodes ago. Rather than let him slide, she takes up Gemma on her offer of a spot of tea, which she uses as an opportunity to snoop around her home.


A drawer of bras

Gemma's infuriating bra collection, before it falls prey to Eve, in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.




Having excused herself to the bathroom, Eve sets about investigating Gemma's bedroom, where, much to her disgust, she discovers a drawer of immaculately organized pink, red, and floral bras, prompting her to go about wrecking the room in the same way that, little to her knowledge, Villanelle did to her own.


Jodie Comer with pink hair

Jodie Comer as Villanelle?as Billie in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 朱迪·科莫饰演的薇拉内拉 扮演比莉。

Robert Viglasky/BBCAmerica


Meanwhile, Villanelle is off in Richmond upon Thames, doing her best to enjoy "family sups" with Amber and the elusive Aaron Peel. The latter, unfortunately, is not fooled by her unassuming ensemble of a striped sweater and ripped tights, and calls out her "faux ditz" act almost at once. He even chucks a heavy book on philosophy onto her lap, though, to Amber's amusement, "Billie" returns it to him—by slamming him in the face with it. Say what you want about Villanelle, but there's no denying that she's got style.


Jodie Comer holding a book

Jodie Comer as Villanelle, ready to strike in Killing Eve season 2 episode 6.

《杀死伊芙》第二季第六集 朱迪·科莫饰演薇拉内拉,准备扇亚伦的脸了。



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