The Handmaid's Tale Season 3: Spoilers, Premiere Date, Casting and More
2019-05-03 13:17

The Handmaid's Tale's second season finale left off on a frustrating cliffhanger, once June (Elisabeth Moss) decided not to flee Gilead, despite all the Marthas teaming up to provide her and the baby safe passage out. She might've spent all season trying to escape the oppressive zealot regime, but after she witnessed even the privileged women of this society suffering the unspeakable violence of this patriarchy, she couldn't leave her eldest daughter, Hannah (Jordana Blake), behind.?

《使女的故事》第二季终结于一个紧张又令人沮丧的悬念:尽管女仆们联合起来帮助June(Elizabeth Moss)和她刚出生的宝宝逃出基列国,她仍然决定要独自留下。她或许花了一整季的时间试图逃脱这个狂热的极端国家,但当她亲眼见到,即使上流社会的女性在这里也遭受着难言的暴力和屈辱,她无法抛下大女儿Hannah(Jordana Blake)只顾自己逃脱。

So, where does that leave us for Season 3? Slowly but surely, details about the Hulu series' newest season are starting to trickle in, so let's take a look at what we know about The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 so far.?


It will premiere later than usual. The Handmaid's Tale has usually dropped in April, but this season the show will premiere on Wednesday, June 5. Though it's later than usual, Hulu will drop the first three episodes at once before switching to a weekly rollout.?


Nick (Max Minghella) and Fred's (Joseph Fiennes) power struggle has only begun. Now that Nick officially stood up to Fred to help Offred escape, there are some pretty harsh truths out in the open between these men. However, turning Nick over isn't exactly an easy thing to do, given all the dirty secrets he knows about Fred and his dealings. Instead, he seems to have gotten a bit of a promotion if his new Season 3 duds are anything to go by.?

Nick(Maxi Minghella)和Fred(Joseph Fiennes)的权力争斗才刚刚开始。Nick帮助了Offred——June——出逃,这意味着他已公开反抗Fred,他们两人之间有些严酷的现实将展露无疑。然而,要告发Nick并不是一件轻松的事,他了解Fred太多不为人知的秘密。不止如此,看起来他似乎在第三季获得了某种程度的升迁。

Commander Lawrence (Bradley Whitford) will be back. Showrunner Bruce Miller confirmed that Bradley Whitford has signed on for Season 3 to continue his role of Commander Lawrence, so we'll eventually get some answers about his role within Gilead and within the resistance that helped the Handmaids escape.?

Lawrence主教(Bradley Whitford)将回归。制片人Bruce Miller已经确认了Bradley Whitford还会在第三季继续演出Lawrence主教。于是,我们终将更确切地了解到他在基列国,以及在帮助使女逃亡的反抗军中的角色。

Emily (Alexis Bledel) and Nicole's story isn't over yet. If you were worried Emily would escape with baby Nicole and never be seen or heard from again, never fear. Emily and Nicole will play a very large role in Season 3 since everyone will be trying to track down the baby when the show returns. Luckily, the Season 3 trailer seems to reveal that they'll make it to Canada since there's a shot of Luke (O-T Fagbenle) with a baby at what appears to be a rally or protest.?

Emily(Alexis Bledel)和Nicole的故事还在继续。如果你在担忧Emily带着小宝宝Nicole逃脱后将不再有后续,请放心。回归后剧中每个人都在寻找这个宝宝,Emily和Nicole在第三季还将有非常重的戏份。所幸,如预告中所示,在某场类似集 会或抗 议活动的镜头中,有Luke(O-T Fagbenle)抱着宝宝出现的画面,这表示Emily带着Nicole成功地穿越边境到达了加拿大。

Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) is alive. Like a cockroach, Aunt Lydia just won't seem to die. She will return from her brush with death with a renewed interest in keeping Handmaids in line.?

Lydia嬷嬷(Ann Dowd)还活着。她就像只小强,怎么都不会死。她经历了与死亡擦肩而过,更加坚定自己的使命:要把使女们管得规规矩矩。

"Aunt Lydia doesn't die, she's transformed by this event. The fact that one of her girls who — [she thinks] that there's a love between her and her girls — has literally stabbed her in the back. I think that that alters your workplace feelings on a day-to-day basis" said Miller. "I think in her case, it makes her double down that she feels like she just wasn't strong enough in her discipline. So she, I think, has decided it's time to get tough."?


Rita (Amanda Brugel) will be in hot water. Given that she and the other Marthas banded together to help the Handmaids of Cambridge escape, Rita is going to have a lot of questions to answer about her part in the whole ordeal. According to Bruce Miller, she's going to have to get creative to avoid any comeuppance for what she's done, so let's hope she and Nick manage to work together to cover each other's backs.?

Rita(Amanda Brugel)有大 麻烦了。由于她与其他女仆们联合起来帮助使女逃脱,Rita将不得不回答许多关于她在其中做了些什么的质询。据Bruce Miller透露,为了尽可能地避免惩罚,她也将不得不想方设法“有创意地”解决困境。我们只能希望她和Nick可以在此事上互相保护了。

Luke will be on a quest for revenge. When Luke confronted Fred in Canada, he finally had a face to put on the evils of Gilead — not to mention the man who was raping his wife — and that clarity will be a dangerous thing for him in Season 3. "I think that now that he's met Fred, face-to-face, that is the focus of his fury," Miller said. "All of the sudden the Gilead, and the Gilead system has been reduced to Fred Waterford and he's gonna find a way to get Fred." Sounds like Fred should watch his back — and maybe never return to Canada??

Luke将踏上复仇之路。上一季中Luke在加拿大当面质问了来访的Fred,基列国的邪恶在他眼里总算是有了具体的化身——更不用提Fred还是强 暴了他太太的人——了解到这些,对他而言在第三季将是相当危险的。“我认为,既然他已经面对面地见过了Fred,他的愤怒已有了明确的对象,”Miller说,“在那一刻,基列国以及其极端的政权都有了同一张脸:Fred Waterford主教。Luke将尽一切努力寻找打倒他的办法。”听起来,Fred似乎需要多加小心——也许别再去加拿大了?

We will revisit The Colonies. While we got a grim look at The Colonies via Emily's storyline this season, Miller did remind us that in the original novel there are Colonies where women aren't just used for harsh manual labor. "There are colonies where teams of women are taking care of toxic waste and there are colonies where teams of women are picking apples and working in the economy and doing all sorts of other things," said Miller. He also seemed sure that we'd revisit these other Colonies sooner rather than later.?


June's gonna be fighting back. Miller has also previewed a June who is much more defiant than anything we've already seen of the character so far. He told TV Guide, "I think overall Season 3 is a lot more rebellious, outwardly rebellious than Seasons 1 and 2. I think June's taken a lot, and I think it's time for her to give back some." The big difference, he explained, is that she'll be returning to Gilead by choice this time, rather than by force. "That's a huge, powerful choice," he said. "What changes in your psychology when you've chosen to be in a place like that and you've chosen to stay on the inside and fight as opposed to go to the outside? I think that's a very different psychology, so that's been very interesting."?

June不会停止反抗。Miller也向我们预告了一个比之前剧情中的任何时候都要更加反叛的June.他在TV Guide的采访中透露:“我认为总的来说,第三季更具有反抗精神、也表现得比前两季更加外化。June经受了不少压迫,也是时候还手了。”他还提到,与之前最大的区别是,她这次是自愿回到基列,并不是被迫。“这是一个很重大、也很强大的选择,”他说,“当你主动选择回到这样一个地方,选择留下反抗而不是逃走,这会彻底从精神层面上改变你。我觉得这是种与从前截然不同的心理,所以也非常值得期待。”


The Waterfords will have some new friends. Christopher Meloni and Elizabeth Reaser have joined the cast of The Handmaid's Tale Season 3 as the Winslows, a commander and his wife who will become close to Fred and Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) and host the pair on an important trip. No word yet on whether the two will be in sync with the ideology of the system.?

Waterfords一家会有新朋友。Christopher Meloni 和Elizabeth Reaser两位演员都确定加入第三季,出演新角色Winslow主教及夫人,他们是Fred和Serena Joy(Yvonne Strahovski)夫妇的好朋友,将要在某次重要的行程中接待他们两人。这两夫妻内心对基列国政策的看法是否一致,目前还不得而知。

June will suit up as a Martha. The Handmaid's Tale's Super Bowl spot was more creepy than it was informative, with its warning, "Wake up, America." However, the 10-second teaser that preceded it offered a hint as to how June might infiltrate Gilead now that she's escaped the confines of being "under his eye." In the 10-second clip, June can be seen donning the traditional gray garb of the Marthas and marching alongside the other servants. Of course, she'll eventually sport the handmaids' red cloak again, as the fuller preview shows, so we'll have to wait and see whether she's captured by the aunts once again in the new season (let's hope not for her sake).?


The Handmaid's Tale returns Wednesday, June 5 on Hulu.


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